Why Mason?

Mason provides hardware and software for you to build, scale, and manage single-purpose Android devices. Take your app, and launch a white-labeled hardware solution in days, not years.

Here is our information sheet: Info-Sheet-What-Makes-Mason-Hardware-Special-half-final-20210609.pdf  

  • Tired of managing multiple SKUs?
    • We engineer single SKUs with global connectivity to minimize operational headaches. 
  • Frustrated with unplanned form factor changes? 
    • No need to worry about consumer devices going end-of-life. Our hardware is designed to maximize device lifecycle
  • Problems with short device lifecycles?
    • Mason devices have a reliable supply for 5+ years.
  • Consumer-focused designs not working?
    •      Our devices are designed with features to make adapting to your use case easily
  • Here is the sample workflow: devices workflow comparison

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