What is X-Ray?

X-Ray lets you remotely execute ADB commands, such as copying or pushing files, installing/uninstalling apps, initiating a shell, etc. However, there are four aspects that make our X-Ray feature unique:

  • You can use it remotely, meaning you don’t need to physically access the device or require a wired connection. 
  • You can use it in real-time, allowing you to see logs or interact with the device as issues are happening.
  • You can use it programmatically, so you can run commands across large groups of devices with ease.
  • It’s securely enabled by default, meaning you don’t have to turn on developer options.

Getting Started with X-Ray

Ready to test this out for yourself? Follow the steps below to get started, or check out our docs for some detailed instructions. 


Before you start using X-Ray, you’ll need the following:

Once you’ve met the above requirements, you can use the CLI to run Mason Xray to get started. Check out the FAQ below or our docs for some examples to get you started. 

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