What is a remote command?

Remote commands

The Mason Platform includes a number of remote commands that can be used by your team to help manage devices in the field. These actions include:

PING Ping the device for the latest status update
CHECK FOR UPDATES Remotely force the device to check if there are updates available.
REBOOT This action will reboot the device. The device will be offline and unreachable until it reboots.
SHUTDOWN This action will power off the device. The device will be offline and unreachable until it is powered back on.
WIPE DATA This action will perform a factory data reset on the device. All user data will be removed. Configuration state will be retained.
REFURBISH [Warning] This action will perform a factory data reset and de-provision your device. All configurations, login credentials, and group associations will be removed from the device and the device will be disassociated with your Platform account.

How do I send a remote command?

To successfully send out a remote command you must meet the following requirements:

  • Your Controller user scope must have fleet:admin or notify:all enabled. Contact your Controller account owner or user admin to grant you these permissions.
  • The device's connection status must be online.

Once you meet the above requirements, follow these steps to send out a remote command:

  1. Log into Controller.
  2. Click the Devices tab.
  3. Search for your device in the table. You can quickly search for your device using the IMEI, Serial, or Name.
  4. Click the UUID associated with your device.
  5. Click the Actions dropdown > select PING or CHECK FOR UPDATES. If you need to send other commands, then click the Actions dropdown > ...More actions
  6. Select the command you want to send out.
  7. Type out the command to confirm.
  8. Click Send command

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