How to determine if my SIM is a 'Super SIM'

What is a Super SIM?

A Super SIM is a type of SIM card used with Mason devices allowing your device to connect to one of the multiple available carrier networks (I.E. AT&T or T-Mobile in the US)  

How do I determine if my Mason device has a Super SIM installed?

On a SIM-by-SIM basis, you can identify Super SIMs by the prefix of the ICCID. If the ICCID starts with the number 8988, it is a Super SIM.

Individual Devices: You can obtain a device's ICCID for the SIM from Controller by navigating to the Connectivity tab on the Device's detail page.

A Fleet of Devices: You can obtain a list of ICCIDs used across your Mason account by generating a Connectivity Report.

  1. Navigate to the Connectivity page on the left Navigation of Mason Controller
  2. Select Generate Custom Report.

  3. Pick a date range and select Submit.
    1. This will email a CSV to the associated Mason user email address containing a list of ICCIDs being used in the Mason account (this report includes data usage statistics).
  4. Open the CSV in Google Sheets or any other .xlsx editor with conditional filtering capabilities. 
  5. Apply a condition filter on the ICCID column to surface ICCIDs that begin with 8988 (Super SIMs)

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