Running both CLI V1 and V2 together

To run both versions of the Mason CLI (V1 and V2) locally on your machine you will need to rename one of the CLIs in your path to avoid naming conflicts.
Mason CLI V2 is needed for using X-Ray with devices running Mason OS 6.0.6+.

Update the existing Mason CLI:

Mac and Linux Users:
For Mac and Linux, you can rename the existing installation of your Mason CLI to `mason-cli-v1` and then download and install the new Mason CLI version 2.
To do this, you can run the following command:
sudo mv $(which mason) $(which mason)-cli-v1
Windows Users:
For Windows, we recommend using the Mason CLIs in separate folders on your machine to avoid naming conflicts.

Download and Install the new Mason CLI V2:

Once you have changed the name of the Mason CLI V1 or moved it to a separate folder, you can install the new Mason CLI 2.0 by following these steps:

Remember to update any programs or scripts using the existing `mason` name.

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