CLI v2 Known Limitations

With the release of Mason CLI Version 2.0, for the short term, the only Mason Platform feature that will be supported is X-Ray on Mason OS version 6.0.6+.

You can continue to use the Mason CLI for other Mason Platform features, such as register and deploy. 

To run CLI v1 and v2 together, please follow the instruction here

There are two ways to deploy, using the Mason CLI v1 or using Mason Controller.

CLI command:

mason deploy ota mason-os [mason-os version] [group name] --push

Please follow the instructions in our knowledge-base article (here) to deploy a mason os version from Controller. For example, you'll use the Deploy > Mason OS update (ota) from the group details page.

When registering your project you Project with Mason's platform using the command

mason register config [filename]

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