How can I deploy artifacts, projects, and/or mason os from Controller?

Once you have your artifacts registered and the project built in your Mason Controller or you're ready to update your group's version of Mason OS, you can deploy directly from the Mason Controller. 

In this example, we will be deploying the project D215_Project to the Deploy_from_Controller group. This group has one D215A2 device in it. 

  1. From the Group list page, select your target group. For this example, we will select the Deploy_from_Controller group.
  2. On the top right corner of the page, select the drop-down option, Deploy.
  3. Select the appropriate option. For this example, we will select Build (config).
  4. From the Deploy build menu, we have two options - Create new project or Deploy existing project. For this example, the D215_Project is already built, so we will use the second option, Deploy existing project 
  5. Select the name of your project and the version that you want to deploy. For this example, we will select D215_Project and version 1
  6. Lastly, select Deploy build

This will immediately deploy and push your new Project to all devices within your group. These steps are equivalent to using the Mason CLI command: 

mason deploy --push config D215_Project 1 Deploy_from_Controller

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