Controller - UI Improvements to Devices Page

We’ve made improvements to Controller! On the Devices page, you’ll see that we’ve enhanced our filtering options to make managing your devices even easier. Here’s what changed:

Table Row Density: Users can now adjust the density of the rows displayed for easier readability.

Advanced Search: UI improvements make search functionality more intuitive. Quickly find devices in your fleet by IMEI, Serial #, or device name. You can also now toggle between “Equals / Contains” to choose exact search vs. partial. 

Filtering: Use the updated filtering option to easily sort devices by status for OS, project, or application. 

Show/Hide Columns: Updated UI for the show/hide column feature. Quickly toggle columns to tailor the results to best fit your needs.

Field Sorting: You can now sort both the “Last Check-In” or “Created” fields.

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