How do I completely unlink the account from the A4100 smartwatch?

In order to completely unlink the account, the Refurbish command must be sent. Refurbish performs the same functions as Factory Reset, but will also remove the account login information.

In order to perform the Refurbish command, one can do so from controller. The steps are similar to performing a Factory Reset, however one just has to select Refurbish at the More Actions dialog box.

  1. Login to the controller at:
  2. Select the Devices page
  3. Select the UUID logged in device
  4. Select Actions
  5. Select ...More Actions
  6. Select REFURBISH from the Command dropdown
  7. Enter the confirmation text and select Send Command

Your device will then go through a Factory Reset and disconnect from the current Mason account.  After the device restarts, you will be presented with the Mason Preflight Application.

Note : Once your device is refurbished, it will no longer be accessible for API calls.    
Note: If your device was originally configured for Auto-Provisioning. Once the device has connectivity at the Preflight application, it will go through the Auto-Provisioning steps and re-connect to your Mason account. 

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