How do I factory reset the A4100 smartwatch?

There are three ways that a factory reset can be performed on an A4100:

  1. WIPE DATA from the Mason Controller remote actions
  2. POST Device Wipe from Device API
  3. From settings on the device
By design, the deployed A4100 custom OS, apps, and media (project .yml file) data will be presevered during a factory reset.  For information on wiping Mason configuration data see,

Mason Controller (remote)

  1. Log in to the controller at
  2. Select Devices
  3. Select the UUID of the device you want to factory reset
  4. Select Actions
  5. Select More
  6. Select Wipe Data from the Command dropdown
  7. Enter the confirmation text and select Send Command

For detailed screenshots see:

Device API (remote)

You can send an API request to a single device, or a list of devices using the POST Devices Wipe method.

Each API request must be supplied with an Authorization header

As an example, the following code will perform a remote factory reset on a device with UUID 5361ebe1-d137-4815-b241-53a406bb583e


Settings on Device (local)

From the App list on the device, select: 

  1. Settings
  2. Factory Reset

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