Getting Started Checklist

 Have you registered your A4100?

  • Long-press the green button on the right-hand side of the screen to turn on the device
  • If unregistered, you will see a login screen/options menu with a Mason OS version in the bottom-left corner, if below 3.1.0, sign into the form using your Mason controller login and password
  • If 3.1.0 or greater, follow this video tutorial to register using a QR code.

  Have you created a new group and project in the Mason controller?

 Have you updated to the latest version of the Mason OS (Mason OS 3.1.0)?

  • Log into the Mason CLI with your Mason Controller credentials and run the below code:
mason deploy ota mason-os 3.1.0 [GROUPS...]
Note: [GROUPS…] should be replaced with your newly created group’s name without [ ]s

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